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Woman Set Free from Lying Spirit & Depression!

I prayed for a woman who seemed to be very proper. I prayed for some time with no results. I asked the interpreter to ask her if she was saved to which she replied, yes. I asked if she wanted me to pray for anything specific. 

She told the interpreter to pray for depression. I told her that I was plagued with depression for many years and took depression meds for years. God delivered me from all. The interpreter relayed all I said. I began to pray against depression and cast it out without any results. The woman was still very stoic. I asked the Holy Spirit what was the problem and he directed me to pray against a lying spirit who had been lying to her and making her believe things that were not true. When I began to tell the lying spirit to come out, immediately she began to shake and swing about violently then got very still while bowing over. The Spirit directed me to bind the “ruling” spirit. The process started over with violent shaking and jerking. Two women were holding her to keep her from falling. Then she went still and began to cry. She told us she felt like laughing and I told her God wanted her to laugh like a little girl again. She began to cry and then laugh. She was set free by the power of God – Loyd

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