Woman with Blood Disorder Slain in the Spirit

On the second day of the Kingdom Impact Conference in Lagos I decided to go into the healing rooms because I was hoping for more opportunities to pray for people.  I was welcomed in by the Lapis Lazuli healing team and given a prayer partner. We prayed for a lady who had a Hepatitis B diagnosis. My prayer partner and I began to pray for her, but when we prayed “the Blood of Jesus cover her blood because it is the blood of a better covenant, and healing is in the atonement,” something happened.  We continued praying along those lines, and she fell, slain in the Spirit.  I guess God wanted to take over from there!  Although I cannot verify that the lady was (physically) healed, I do believe she had a significant encounter with Jesus, has a better understanding of the power that is in the Blood of Christ, and a deeper revelation of the sacrificial love of Christ. Glory to Jesus!  –  Jody, Homemaker

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