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Woman With Cancerous Brain Tumor Healed!

A translator brought me to a woman who was crying and had her eyes closed. As I asked the translator what she needed prayer for, she sat there and continued to weep. The translator told me that she had a headache and pointed to her hairline above her forehead..

He said that she had been having headaches for quite some time. Then another translator came and said that she had a cancerous tumor in her head which was causing the pain. The only way she would not have a headache was when she took medication. I began to pray against the cancerous tumor and told it to dissolve in the name of Jesus. I prayed that as a sign of the Father’s love and healing that He would take away the headache, send the Holy Spirit to come and rest where the tumor had dissolved and for healing oil to be poured over her head. When I asked her what percent her head felt better, she said, “Mil” percent! 1000 % better! 

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