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Woman with Disease is Touched by Prayer

There was a middle aged woman named Angela who came forward with huntington’s disease which is an inherited genetic neurodegenerative disease that destroys brain cells and causes loss of voluntary muscle control, ultimately death. Angela’s daughter told us that her mom wasn’t able to open her eyes, speak or walk unassisted. She couldn’t voluntarily move her extremities. We prayed 3 times before we had to leave. She did not feel anything. 

But after the 2nd time she was able to open her eyes and keep them open. After the 3rd time, she was able to raise both of her legs straight off the ground from a sitting position. Her daughter said she’d been unable to do those things before. Also, the constant shaking and writhing decreased a lot while we prayed and her body became almost still. We had several people praying for her.

Laurie, Physician

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