Woman with Severe Hip & Foot Pain Healed

While the smaller team was giving words of knowledge from the stage, one word was given about pain in the lower right side. I noticed a woman walking past me, probably coming from the restroom. She held her hand on her lower right side and seemed to be in pain. She sat down and did not go to the front, so I went to her and, with the help of an interpreter, asked her if she had pain in the lower right side. She answered yes. I encouraged her to go to the front in response to the word of knowledge, which she did.

Later she returned to her seat and I asked if anything happened. She said no, and I offered to pray for her. She smiled and said yes. Her husband joined us and he translated. She had severe pain (10 on a scale of 1 to 10) in her right hip and all the way down her leg. I invited the Spirit and commanded the pain to leave. I asked her to go for a little walk and check. She did and said that it was better (around 4), but she also told me, that she had level 10 pain in her foot (she didn’t mention her foot before). I focused on the foot and commanded the pain to leave. She walked and the pain in the foot was totally gone and the pain in the hip had gone down to a 2. I prayed a last time and she started crying a lot. I asked what was going on and she said that she was healed and gave me a big hug.

– Torsten 

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