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Women Touched and Healed by the Power of Prayer

Arrived at the new Holene church to see the new building and worship. There were 11 team members and guide and pastor. About 25 young children joined us. After worship we broke into groups for outreach. We first stopped at a young man’s house. Talked, prayed and blessed him. We then came upon a lady and family selling fruit and chips. After talking we asked to pray for her, she wanted us to come into her house to pray. On the way I noticed her walking as if in pain. I asked and she had back and shoulder pain but now she moved our hands to the other spots of pain on her side. She was visibly taken by the second prayer and crying. We prayed for her and her family. When she walked back there was no signs of pain and she walked much faster. When we returned to the street her neighbor wanted prayed. Her pain was in her back and thighs. Her thighs were very bad. We prayed for her and the pain was better. We prayed again and asked. She didn’t know because she said she was shaking and wanted to sit. She was crying. We prayed a third time. Now she is crying, and I could see the Spirit moving. We needed to leave. When we returned to the street, she caught up with us. We wanted to bless them by buying some fruit, but they would not let us. Instead they filled our hands with fruit. They said we came and prayed for them and blessed them and their homes. We could not refuse their blessing to us.

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