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Word of Knowledge “Pregnant Woman with Separated Pelvis” Brings Healing

Randy had us come up in front of a crowd of 3,000 to give words of knowledge at Igreja da Cidade. Earlier on the bus journey I had the word “pelvis” pop into my mind. I hadn’t been thinking about words of knowledge or any part of the body. It just came out of nowhere so I made a note of it.

While Randy was preaching he told a testimony involving someone’s pelvis and I started to feel insecure about the word. I thought to myself, “Was everyone going to think I just thought of pelvis because Randy had talked about it?” I rebuked the thought. I told myself to get over any insecurity, concentrate on thinking of what God thought about me and obey Him in giving the word that I felt he had given me. I decided to just sit and ask God to expand on the word and maybe show me what was wrong with the person’s pelvis. Then I saw a picture of a pelvis and saw it separating in the center causing great pain, and the person was pregnant. Now I started to question whether this was God or had my mind just gone wandering off! I had no time to sit and question it as Randy then called us all up. As the microphone went along I wrestled with the decision to say just “pelvis” or “a pregnant woman with pain in her pelvis due to it separating in the middle”. I seriously doubted that there would be anyone in the room with such a specific condition, but if I didn’t say it I would never know! Randy had encouraged us to practice at everything. I had nothing to lose so I went with the full picture. There were already so many people standing for words given by other members of the team so I couldn’t tell if anyone stood up for mine.

(I might add at this point that I am not confident at speaking on a microphone and have been rocked by fear whenever I’ve been asked to share something in front of my home church of around 3,000, so the fact that I was able to give my word in front of such a huge crowd is a testimony in itself! I had yet to test this at my home church but I did not feel any fear at any time throughout the whole trip when standing at the front giving a word down the microphone! Praise God!)

Randy then asked those who had not been healed yet to come up to the person who had given the word. I did not expect anybody to come to me. One lady came up, but she wasn’t pregnant and was desperate for a baby. She wanted me to pray for her as she had had two miscarriages in the past. I prayed for her and watched as the Lord touched her. She wept and shook. It was wonderful to see God touch her and heal her heart. She left so encouraged and with faith in God to give her a baby.

I was happy that my word had spoken to her but was disappointed that it wasn’t exactly what my word was for. Then another lady came up. I got very excited when I saw she was heavily pregnant. Through my interpreter I asked her what she wanted prayer for and she said, “I have pain where my pelvis is separating and have had the pain for two months”. I couldn’t believe it I started to cry and so did she! I asked her some more questions and found out she was eight months pregnant. Today she had fallen down a couple steps and hurt her left leg just below the knee (this was one of Randy’s words of knowledge). She had stood when he called it out and she had been healed whilst standing without anyone laying hands on her. She said she was so amazed that she was healed and thought she was done for the evening. Then she heard me give my word. Since it was an ongoing problem that she knew was only related to her pregnancy she hadn’t thought to get prayer for it, but because I gave the word she came forward for prayer. She had so much faith for her healing since she had already been healed of the leg pain that night! I laid my hands on top of hers over the area with pain and prayed. I thanked God for healing her already. I commanded the pain to leave her pelvis, for the pelvis to come back together and for her muscles to be strengthened. She started to cry again during the prayer. Then when I stopped and asked what was happening she said, “The pain has gone”!!! I couldn’t believe it! We were both so happy we cried in each other’s arms. I actually heard from God! That was my first ever confirmed accurate word of knowledge from God. Wow!

On reflection that evening back at the hotel I suddenly realized how amazing it was that God healed the lady of her leg pain without anyone praying for her, but by His grace he had her come forward for me to pray for her pelvis. He knew that I needed that confirmation. I am so overwhelmed by God’s gift of bringing healing through us, letting us be a part of it, wanting to use us for His glory. As a result my faith has grown and I know that I can hear his voice. – Anna

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