Word of Knowledge – Boy with Blond Hair

At the church Saturday morning, I received the impression that a woman was concerned about a blond boy who stood about a meter tall. I saw the top of the boy’s head and felt her anxiety. When asked to give words of knowledge, I did not volunteer this because I feared a mistake. 

In my spirit, I wrestled with it. I tried to make the hair brown because there was almost no likelihood that in this group that someone’s child might be blond. I doubted that this was really from God. Finally I said, “God, if is really from you, bring the woman to me.”

After I prayed for a person for healing, I started back to my seat. Suddenly I turned back, saw a translator and asked if she was worried about a son who stood about so tall, indicating with my hand. She doubled over in sobs. Yes, he was four and she was worried because she had to leave him home alone when she went to work. Yes, he was blond. God poured Psalm 116:1 through me for her. “I love The Lord because He has heard my voice. He has heard my cry for mercy. And because He inclines his ear to me, I will call on Him as long as I live.” I told her that I didn’t know what God was going to do about the problem, but we knew He had heard because He showed me her son and caused me to feel her worry.

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