Word of Knowledge Date Brings Several into Healing

I was one of the people who had a word of knowledge and was on stage this morning. The Lord had said the date “April 22.” There were a few people who had stood up with that date when called out. After Justin prayed from the stage, many people were healed (at least one or two who had stood with that date). When they called up those who had not been healed yet, no one came up to me initially, so I was positioning myself to be a catcher. But a translator came up to me with a lady and said April 22 was significant to her. Her brother had died on that day. She wanted her heart to be healed. She forgave God for taking her brother. We prayed together for her heart, and her heart was lighter. She cried. I told her that I felt God wanted to hug her, so I asked permission to give her a hug on behalf of God. She melted into the hug. I gave her the Isaiah 43:1-5 message as well. She hugged me some more, and her heart felt better. After we finished lunch, the team member who had a word of knowledge for right elbow pain told me that the woman I was positioning to catch, who had right elbow pain, also said that April 22 was significant to her.  She ended up getting healed of the elbow pain, from what he said.    – Tracy, Office Manager

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