Word of Knowledge for Both Wrists

Lady had level ten pain with decreased movement in both wrists with arthritis and B1 deficiencies. Pain remained 10 until B1 deficiency was dealt with. Then eight. Then she talked about her arthritis. We prayed for arthritis, and the pain went down to two.  We prayed again and it went down to zero, but she did not have full movement so we continued to pray for full movement of her wrist. She felt the heat of God really touch with His love and His Glory, and she began to cry tears of joy with the peace of his love but there was still some decreased movement. The pain was gone, but the full movement had not been returned yet. Then I prayed for loosening of ligaments, tendons, and muscles to stretch to normal, and she regained full use of her wrist with no pain.  

– Bob and Marilyn, Retired

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