Word of Knowledge for Dry Eyes

At Baptist Central, Randy taught on Words of Knowledge and had about 75 people come up front who had never given a word of knowledge.  When they began to give their words, the first person didn’t really have a word and was asked to sit down.  It was awkward and another person left the line also and went back to their seat.  I felt prompted to help the 2nd person and grabbed the translator sitting next to me and we ran across the church to her and asked her what if she understood the instructions.  She did and she had a clear word of knowledge for “dry eyes”.  Her name is Luana.  We briefly got her story, encouraged her, and she ran back to the front and gave the word when the mic came by.  We joined her prayer group and the first two people who came up to her were instantly healed of dry eyes!!  She was overjoyed!!  The next two people in line, had forms of blindness that claimed some improvement – like 20% or so.  They thanked her and moved on.  I explained to Luana that this is common that the ones responding to the specific word are often 100% healed while others who follow on with related needs but not the specific one often do not experience the same level of results.  She became newly interested in ministry.

Brad A, Pastor

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