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Word of Knowledge for Fallopian Tube brings Healing

My word of knowledge was Fallopian tube and ovary.  I had several women come up for prayer.  One woman in particular had mentioned that she had one of her fallopian tubes taken out some time after she had an abortion. 

As I began praying for her, I got more words of knowledge to break shame, guilt and any curse to abort the future plans in her life. She got blasted.  I prayed for a creative miracle for a new fallopian tube and blessed her with life abundant. Later, she came back to me and asked for more prayer as she had HIV and didn’t want to take the medication anymore. I walked her over to Randy.  

He had testimonies of HIV/AIDS cases to encourage her. He prophesied into her life and commanded the spirit of death to leave her and again she was blasted. She then came back up but this time her countenance was different and she was super joyful.  She kept repeating that she was free, healed and excited to start traveling to Thailand again where she wants to help many more women who she knew needed prayers like this from Jesus.


Anna, Stylist

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