Word of Knowledge “Jaw Pain” Leads to Healing

I had a word of knowledge about jaw pain. I was uncertain about giving it because I had/have this issue with my own jaw about a month before I came. Normally the pain is not ours in a word of knowledge. 

I heard the Holy Spirit say God doesn’t always do things the same. So I gave the word. When the first lady came up I prayed for her pain to go and she was healed a hundred percent. Praise the Lord.

Then Leonardo came up for me to pray for him. His jaw clicked and his jaw seemed misaligned. His pain was a 10. We prayed casting out the pain, commanded the jaw to line up and his pain went to a four level of pain. His jaw stopped clicking and then started clicking again. We commanded the afflicting spirit to leave him in the name of Jesus. I asked if he had anyone he needed to forgive and he said no. He had no involvement with occult practice. We prayed for him many, many times commanding the spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. I asked Leonardo if he was a Christian and he was. He was also baptized in the Holy Spirit. I explained how God heals instantly and also progressively. He understood completely. He felt that God was healing him in a progressive manner. – Kimberly

– Kimberly

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