Word of Knowledge Leads to Healed Rear, Rectum, and Intestines

My word of knowledge spoken into the microphone was, “Gluteus maximus pain/rear end.” During ministry healing time, a woman came to me having suffered for 20 years with rear end pain, level 8. She could only get relief by sitting. Her condition was combined with numbness in her legs. I prayed for 30 seconds asking Jesus to come and minister to her before I prayed the way I normally would. After that 30-second prayer, I asked her to move around to check her condition. She balanced on one leg, and with her hands, lifted the other leg halfway to her chest with the knee bent. With a big smile, she said she had not been able to do that for a long time! All her pain was gone, and all numbness was gone! We praise you Jesus! 

After that, a young man [named Lucas] came to me and said he was suffering from a splitting rectum. He had this condition for, I believe he said, two months. The doctors did not know how to help him. He had level 5 itching irritation. I prayed for him the same way I prayed for the lady before him, and ask him to move around to see if there was any change. He moved a little and told me he knew he was healed because the itching immediately went away, and he felt the healing. The same young man then asked me to pray for his intestines which were bleeding. He was scheduled to go to the hospital that coming week for tests. I figured, why not pray the same way again, which I did. After the prayer he told me he knew he was healed because he felt a unique sensation of healing, and he felt his intestines moving around during the prayer. Yay God! Thank you Global Awakening Team for an incredible mission experience!    – Paul Bennett, Truck Driver

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