Word of knowledge leads to healing

At 5:00 AM I awoke with excruciating cramping in my left calf.  I decided to treat it as a
Word of Knowledge.  While at the Kitengela Church, Chantel asked those on the team to release words of knowledge. I spoke the word and a woman stood up immediately. She was not healed during the group prayer for healing so she came up afterward for personal prayer. She told me her issue and I prayed that she would be healed in Jesus’ name. She immediately said she was better. I asked her to do something she couldn’t usually do and she did and said she was healed. It was so quick that, honestly, I asked her if she was really healed or just wanted to make she feel good. She smiled and said she was fine. Later in the day I talked to two other people who were awoken with terrible pain in their left leg too.

Cheryl M, Home Health Aide

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