Word of Knowledge About Knee Joint Issues Brings Healing to Knee & Ear!

I had given a word of knowledge from the front about knee joint issues behind the kneecap of a right leg during the word of knowledge time. I prayed for a young lady, Gisella, who had been in a motorcycle accident in which she had lost 50% of her hearing in the right ear.

She also severely broke her knee, causing the bones to have to be fused together which was causing great pain. I prayed several times for her ear with no progress. I told her I’d come back to the ear but I wanted to pray for her knee. After just a very short prayer her knee was immediately healed. All pain left! Then I prayed again for her ear. Immediately her hearing was restored to full hearing. I made sure to break off any trauma from the accident. Then I prayed for her to be filled with the Spirit and she got blasted! What a miracle! – Jeff
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