Words of Knowledge in a Sport’s Store

We went into a sports store in the mall and the Lord gave a word of knowledge about a woman’s back, which He healed. Also prayed for God to heal her broken heart over the recent loss of both her parents. Another guy who worked in the store was eager for prayer, but proudly proclaimed he was in perfect health. Megan got a word of knowledge that he was looking for a wife, to which he vigorously assented, so we prayed for that. 

There was a third woman who worked there who was busy with a customer, so we left, but I kept seeing sadness in her eyes, so we returned about 5 minutes later and asked if we could pray for her. She said she had very bad pain in her left shoulder, which Jesus healed. She said she had been crying a lot, and had generalized fear. As we prayed her countenance visibly changed as her spirit was lifted by the love and presence of God.

-Jon and Megan, Doctor and Human Relations

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