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Words of Knowledge: Overcoming Anxiety and Healing the Hurt

This was my first Global Awakening trip – I learned so much, but also was able to practice what I was learning. I was particularly new at (but not the least intimidated by!) Words of Knowledge. By the end of the trip, I was feeling more open and able to hear God and the anxiety was gone. After we arrived at La Roca on Sunday and prayed for the room and the upcoming service, I felt a small pain in my right wrist (my left wrist has an issue but not the right, so it got my attention). It occurred to me quickly that it may be the Lord, so I acknowledged that I had received a Word of Knowledge. I didn’t say anything to anyone but decided to wait until we were praying to see if the Lord would put someone in our line with a pain in the right wrist. He did!! I prayed for the wrist and it was healed! Praise God!! Thank you, Justin, for such good teaching on this. I also thank my husband for his amazing support, encouragement and further teaching. Finally, thank you, Pat Bock, for an amazing trip!!   – Lella, Retired

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