Wrong Assumption, Right Healing

A tall young man stood before me patting his upper back, pointing to his arm, drawing a line down it with his finger. The translator had trouble explaining this and left us. Since I had expected to pray that night for a person with both a shoulder and elbow injury, I assumed that he was my man.

I pointed to his elbow and shoulder and questioned, “Dor (pain)?” He shook his head, no. He persistently pointed to his upper back and arm, but not his shoulder or elbow.

Since I didn’t feel anything in my hands, I really needed God to show up. I was getting nothing – no images, nothing on my hands, no words of knowledge. I just prayed in tongues and kept praying – nothing. In my spirit, I asked God how long to keep this up. How, without language, was I going to politely tell him that I needed to just go on to the next person because nothing was happening? Suddenly, the man’s face lit up, and he got all smiley, wide-eyed, and huggy on me. Another translator came by and told me that the man’s arm had been numb for some time, and he had just gotten his feeling back. Now he could even open and close his hand.

Praise God! Our God is an amazing God!! It is not about me, feelings in my hands, wise words, and lofty, correctly-worded prayers. It is about God’s love. The man was healed the way he wanted to be healed even though I never had a clue about what he really desired from God.

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