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Young Boy Receives Healing in Kidneys and Hearing Back in Ears

A young boy came up with his grandmother and she shared that the boy’s name was Gabriel. He was completely deaf in his right ear, and half deaf in his left ear since birth. As I prayed, I commanded his ears to be open multiple times. Nothing happened. I asked my translator to ask him if he had any other problems, and his grandmother said he had kidney problems and his spine was curved. I commanded his kidneys to be 100% healthy and all the pain to leave. I commanded his back to be straight and his ears to be opened. God told me to blow in his ears so I blew in his ears. When I lifted my hands, he said that his kidneys didn’t have any more pain, his lower back had no more pain, and that both ears were opened. Praise God! His grandmother covered his left ear and with his eyes closed, he listened for clapping. We clapped twice and the boy said that he heard us clap twice. We clapped three times and he said he heard three claps. We clapped once and he said we clapped once. His grandmother checked his right ear also and Gabriel responded. We started celebrating. He had so much joy. It was amazing!

Ben, Student

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