Young Boy Receives Powerful Word and Healing

Dr. Kim Maas asked all the kids from the Full Gospel church to come forward for impartation and prayer.  There were at least 25 kids that came forward. As I was making my way through the crowd touching each kid, I came across one young man that as soon as I touched his hands my hands started to fill with electricity and I knew I couldn’t just pass him by.  I went back to him and had him put out his hands and began imparting and releasing more into him.  He stood out to me and the Lord was showing me that He was a chosen one with a strong call on his life.  

The area where the enemy has come really hard against me has been the brain and now my Spirit picks out those who need a similar deliverance.  God has healed me and now he’s using me to heal others in this area. It was amazing to see and my heart was so full of thankfulness to God for delivering His son.

Kelly, Self Employed

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