Young Boy’s Faith Encouraged by Word of Knowledge & a Vision

Early the day I had had a vision of a colored shirt (I thought it was orange) with a white emblem in the corner. That night at La Cosecha Baracoa, Linda had a word of knowledge: “David.” She didn’t know what to make of it because this was her first word of knowledge.



I went to the front of the church and I saw Linda praying with a boy, who wanted prayer for his family for unity and advancement in the kingdom. Another boy in the family needed prayer for his hand/thumb. So I prayed for the one boy’s hand and thumb. After prayer, he said he was 100% better.

After this, Linda and I prayed for the family as a whole. We prayed that they would go deeper with the Lord and that the family would advance and have unity. As we were praying, Linda took one of the sons of to he side to pray for him separately. He seemed very down and just closed off and just wouldn’t smile. This was a family of six: four boys and their mother and father. As I continued praying for breakthrough for this family, they became more united and joyful. When Linda finished praying for the one son, he was more joyful and he joined the rest of his family. Then Linda asked the boy who had approached her initially what his name was. He said “David” or “Davi.” Linda’s word of knowledge “David” was about this boy. Then I realized Davi’s shirt was the shirt from my vision. It was actually red, not orange, and had a white emblem just like I saw. When we told him we both had received words of knowledge that related to him. He was so full of joy because in that moment he knew that he was on God’s heart. The Lord had answered his prayer. It turned out his parents were pastors and that’s why they wanted to grow deeper and advance in the Lord’s kingdom.


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