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Young Boy With Cancer in Legs Leaves Walker Behind!

In the service tonight, one of the interpreters came to one of the team members and said a person with cancer was at the meeting but could not get into the sanctuary. Rudy and I were asked to go pray for him. We went out into the foyer area and found a young boy about 10 to 12 years old with his mom. 

He had been diagnosed with cancer in one of his legs and now the cancer had entered the other leg also. As a result, he had to use a walker. We prayed the first time and spoke the cancer to leave and healing to come. He said he had pain in his tooth so we prayed against that and the source of the pain. The pain diminished but was still there, so we prayed two more times. The pain went away. Then we went back and prayed again for his legs commanding all remaining cancer cells to leave and for strength and healing to come. We asked him to try to take a few steps in a small circle without the walker. We asked him to keep going which he did. We then just ministered to his inner being and prayed over his legs. This time when we asked him to walk he walked faster and faster. It was such an amazing moment as we all watched God strengthen his entire body. The look on his mom’s face was too precious as she saw him walking on his own. Praise Jesus! Then we prayed blessings over her too. Wow!

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