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Young Boys on the Street Receive Jesus and are Touched by the Holy Spirit

As we were doing street ministry in Leandra, we were walking in the neighborhoods and I saw two boys around 10 or 11 with soccer jerseys on. I asked them if they played soccer. They both got very animated and told us about their team. I asked if they knew Jesus. They nodded yes, kind of. So I asked “what?” They said that their mom had told them about Jesus. Joanie said “It’s very important that you have Jesus in your heart.” We started to walk away and I stopped and asked them if they wanted to know Jesus 100%. They both said yes. So I walked them through the salvation prayer and I explained the role of the Holy Spirit. I then asked them if they wanted the Holy Spirit to fill them. Both said yes, so I laid hands on the first boy and he began to perspire. His eyelids were fluttering and he was slightly trembling. He was rocking back and forth about ready to go over. I had the translator stand behind him while I asked the other boy if he was ready to receive. He looked nervous as he was watching his friend but agreed to let me pray. He was touched as well. Yeah Jesus!

 Chandra D, Retired

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