Young Girl’s Legs Even Out

I was catching for Dr Clark at the end of service and he was praying for a girl around 15 years old. She was reporting that God was moving on her body to heal a laterally tilted pelvis which caused her leg lengths to be different and make her walking unbalanced. Dr Randy had to step away as the service had ended and asked me to continue praying with her. A young man was translating for me and she was accompanied by her older sister who was in her late 20’s. The translator got a chair for her to sit in so she could sit and stretch out her legs while we continued to pray. After praying for a few minutes, I felt her leg move. I looked up and her sister looked up and said something to the translator. The translator said she wants to know if you felt the leg move.  I asked the girl to get up and walk back and forth twice. Each time she said she was much more stable! She also pointed out that she felt heat on her knees when Dr Randy prayed for her.  Her jeans had holes exposing her knees and she was showing us that her skin looked sunburned and said they were not like that before.  Thank you, Lord.

John, Banker

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