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Young Man Delivered & Saved

We were visiting a smaller, outlying church where we gave words of knowledge. I experimented with adding a number to it for the first time and it was accurate! The number was seven and the word was for pain in a specific finger! I was so encouraged but that was only the beginning!

When ministry time came I had no interpreter, so I just started praying for people. I couldn’t interview anyone to see if they were healed! I decided to trust that Holy Spirit knew what the people needed whether I did or not. I started laughing at the devil as I prayed, and people were falling out in the Spirit all around me.

Finally at the very end a young man came to me. The church was emptying out and he could speak a little English, so I thought “Yes! Finally I have someone I can interview!” He wanted prayer for addiction and I thought, “Oh, my, I’m going to wish I could provide some good counsel, too. He doesn’t speak English that good!” I decided to start praying and see what would happen. Ever since the impartation from Tom Jones earlier that evening I had had an anointing with gold dust slowly traveling up my left arm, so I put my left hand on the young man’s chest and told him to just receive.

When I started praying, I noticed that he was praying his breath, distracting himself from receiving, so I told him to stop and pay attention to his body instead. After that he started to get tipsy. I called a catcher over. I’m not entirely sure why but I suddenly forcefully rebuked the spirit of addiction the young man leapt backwards into the catcher and started manifesting a demon! I did not want the demon to shame the man or intimidate the people around. I followed the man quietly, smiling straight into his eyes and commanded peace. He closed his eyes and became calm.

Now I knew I needed an interpreter! Thankfully, one became available after about five minutes. I wanted to honor the church and use their deliverance team, but they had all left a half hour earlier. I pulled my Randy Cark deliverance card and walked the man through the steps. He started confessing all kind of things. His heart was really open and vulnerable. He said he was a Christian but had never fully received Jesus into his heart. His heart was so ready! I led him in a radical salvation prayer where he gave up everything to Jesus. He looked so happy and light afterwards! I was tremendously excited! I live for this! – David, Software developer

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