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Young Man Gets Dramatically Saved

From a GSSM second year Practicum trip in Sadalia, MO

The first night we were there, Friday, we met a young man whose mother encouraged him to talk with me after I prayed for her. I began to talk with the young man and he was not very responsive or talkative. I asked if I could pray over him and he said “yes”.

After praying I asked if he felt anything during the prayer. He said, “I feel about 10 times happier than I did before you prayed.” My team member and I continued to encourage him, and after we prayed for the power of God/Holy Spirit to made evident to the young man, he told us he couldn’t move his hands. His hands were frozen and he didn’t know why. We told him, “That’s God showing you He’s real.” We began to ask him questions about his life as Holy Spirit led and he was surprised that we knew the things we did. We asked him about his relationship with his father, He told us it wasn’t very good and we shared the love of our Father in Heaven and how much greater that is. We shared that even though his father may not be the greatest example of love, God is not like that and He will always be faithful, he will always be with us, and his love doesn’t fail. He said, “It’s interesting that you say that, I have been thinking about this a lot lately.”

The following day was Sunday, and the young man got rocked by the Holy Spirit, and shortly after received Jesus into his heart while praying with his pastor. Yay God! He went out to lunch with us that afternoon and we celebrated his new birthday! We had the staff sing happy birthday to him and made a big deal out of this amazing young man and the greatest decision of his life.

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