Young Man’s Eyesight Healed! Admits Jesus Healed Him!

This morning, after Paul taught, Alison and I went into the balcony to minister. There were a group of guys up there who wanted prayer but didn’t speak English. Fortunately my catcher could translate. 

They were from the very far north where Boko Haram was. One man wanted God to do more in his life. So I prayed and just had the sense that God was going to use him to heal others, so I blessed his hands and gave him an invitation.

Later after lunch we were out front and he chased me down. When I finally found an interpreter, he wanted prayer for his eyes. He said they were very bad at a distance and had no money for glasses. I prayed three times for eye clarity, to see 20/20, and he was 100% healed. Then I asked him who he thought healed him and he said Allah. I quickly thought and checked if he was referring to Jesus. I said, “Well, I actually asked Jesus to heal you.” He argued and said, “God did it.” I said Jesus was the one I prayed to and He healed you. So then he said, “Yes, Jesus healed me.” Then he said his brother was at home and was completely blind. I asked him to go home, lay hands on his eyes and pray for them to be healed in Jesus’ name. He said he would. Then he asked who he should call if his brother gets healed. I told him to call Lapis Lazuli or Global. – Chandra

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