Young Man Set Free From Years of Pain in the Pelvis

I prayed for a man in his mid to late 20s named Henrique who had been suffering with severe pain in his pelvis area since he was 17. He told me that around that same time he started having homosexual desires and ever since then the pain has been there. The homosexual desires have since gone away. I got him to place his hands on his pelvis. Placing my hands on his hands, I invited the Holy Spirit to come in his healing power. We waited for half a minute and then I commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name. I commanded his pelvis to be healed in Jesus’ name. I asked him if there was improvement and he said there was, so I blessed what Jesus was doing and asked him to continue to pour out his healing power. His leg started shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit. After a minute I asked him what percent better it was, and he said 80%. So I continued praying, commanding his pelvis to be healed in Jesus’ name and for the pain to go. I then commanded any spirit of affliction or spirit of infirmity to go in Jesus’ name. I asked him how he felt and he said he was 100% better with complete healing! Thank you Jesus! He gave me a big hug, he was so overflowing with joy.

Brendyn, City Planner

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