Young man with Shin Pain Healed

A man about 30 years old wanted prayer for pain in his left shin. He’d been in a motorcycle accident two years ago, broke his leg and had surgery. He had a scar about six inches up his leg with a bump in one place. 

I don’t know if he had metal because the interpreter didn’t understand the question. I laid hands on his leg and asked the Holy Spirit to come with His healing power. I prayed commanding all pain and inflammation to go and his bones to be healed in the name of Jesus. I also prayed for his leg to come into alignment the way God created it. After praying, he tested it and said it was about 50% better. I prayed a second time thanking the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for the healing that was taking place and then prayed the same way as before. After the second time he tested it and said it was 70% better. I prayed a third time thanking the Lord and prayed the same way as before. He said the pain was 80% better after that. I then prayed the fourth time asking the Lord to complete the healing. When the man was testing it, he kept moving it around, so I told him to jump. He jumped up and down a few times and smiled and said there was no pain. Thank you Lord! – Allison 

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