Young Mother Set Free After 9 Years of Depression

A mother came forward with her 9-year-old son who had epilepsy. During the interview with his mother about her child it became evident that she also needed prayer.

I sensed from the Holy Spirit that her problem could hinder the prayers for her son.  We moved her several feet away concentrating on her, so the rest of the team could pray for healing in an atmosphere of hope. The mother had suffered from depression for 18 years and each year the depression got worse. She blamed herself for her son’s condition. Year after year the doctors keep increasing her medication for depression (she had considered suicide).  She had dark circles under her eyes, a very drawn look on her face and could barely talk at first for tears. She had never told anyone about the degree of depression. After prayer she was set free from depression, repented of drawing away from Jesus and recommitted her life to Christ. It was amazing to see her skin color change (brighten) on her face, the dark circles left along with the depression. The tears of sadness changed to tears of joy. She jumped up and went to her husband and son and kept patting his back with a beaming smile on her face.

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