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Young Woman Set Free From Spirit of Rejection!

I ministered to a young lady three different times.  The first time was when Steve Wilson asked for people who had not seen someone healed when they prayed for them. 

 I could tell by looking in her eyes that she was not sure God would work through her.  The second time she came and asked for God to move more powerfully in her life.  The third time, her friend brought her to me asking for prayer.  As I questioned her about her relationship with God, I could see she did not look into people’s eyes.  The Lord spoke to me that she was not receiving His love for her.  Each time I spoke to her about how much God loved her and that I loved her you could see she wasn’t receiving it.  It seemed to just bounce off her.  As we talked I found out she had been abandoned by her father and felt a lot of rejection from him.  I broke off a spirit of rejection and released God’s love over her.  She began to cry and fell to the floor. There was a puddle of tears on the floor.  We continued to bless her while the Holy Spirit ministered to her.  Then I had my husband come and pray a father’s blessing over her.  When she sat up, you could see she was doing better.  She would look us in the eyes.  She felt God’s peace and love.  God is so good! 

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