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Young Woman Touched by Holy Spirit for Healing!

A young woman of approximately age 20 needed prayer for Myopia, dizziness and asthma. The prayer started with my covering her eyes with my hands and commanding the myopia to leave and she began to weep, tremble and heat up with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We then moved to praying for her ears as I felt led by the Holy Spirit that the dizziness was cause by a middle ear problem. I commanded the dizziness to leave and my interpreter was beginning to flow in the Holy Spirit as his Portuguese was becoming much more forceful and passionate. The young woman continued to weep and shake. We moved to praying for complete healing of her asthma and I laid my left hand on her back and my right hand on her upper sternum with the final commanding prayer for asthma to leave her body she cried out and fell back into the arms of some catchers who gently placed her on the floor. She spent several minutes on the floor – blasted by the Holy Spirit! – Kevin, Physician
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