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Youth Power Invasion Trip Report

Phase 1

YPI 2019 was made up of a group of hungry and passionate young lovers of Christ Jesus, representing various countries like the U.S, Columbia, Romania, India and Norway. The expectation of the hungry heart was so evident that to be “blasted” became an imperative of the hungry soul. In response to that, the first surprise came when Randy Clark announced that he wanted to hold an impartation service during the orientation evening. One couldn’t simply bypass the chills that overtook the entire room. Yes, a lot of us were tired because of the long travels, but God came, and everything shifted! Holy Spirit came with power and there was weeping, there was laughter, Kim was prophesying, Valora was prophesying, Charity was prophesying. If one could translate all the action into words, you would still lose the essence of what God had done in one evening. It was different from then on.

The action started from the 27th onwards. The Preachers/Teachers had started their trainings along with the teaching sessions in the morning. For the night services we were divided into 5 teams and went along with the guest speakers to different churches and there got an opportunity to minister to the sick and the diseased for the next 5 nights. I must say that the Preacher/Teacher trainings were such a blessing to everyone who had signed up and I myself am a witness to this. Though we only had a few days of training, what was imparted to us in such a short span of time reshaped and honed us.

I asked a few team members to share their experience during the first phase to which Jacob responded, “during the first phase my faith was more in the speakers and I felt secure having them with us.” Another team member, James, said, “In the first phase I felt a peace come over me like the quiet confidence that Blaine Cook talked about in one of his sessions.” Adding to that, I would conclude by saying that during the first phase there was a sense of excitement in everyone’s eyes to see God using them to show His power and love towards the people He loves. But there were disappointments as well when a few didn’t see breakthroughs when they prayed for the sick. During the intercessions at night, a deep travail would sweep over the room and few of the team members would begin to weep for breakthrough that was so needed. On the 27th, a man named Yuranyi came up to Geraldine (team member) and said that he didn’t have his left cornea, so she tested how well he could see by covering his right eye. He said that his vision was blurry. So, she declared healing and said “I bring a new cornea from heaven to earth.” She blew on his eye and when he opened his eye and tested, he said it got better, but was still a bit blurry. She thanked God for what He was doing and asked for complete healing. When Yuranyi opened his eye again, he said the vision in his left eye had cleared and was now the same as the right eye and he could see perfectly! Praise Jesus! On the 30th of June, our team was with Randy in one of the Churches in Marituba, Belem and it was an impartation service. During ministry time Randy met with a boy who was completely deaf in his left ear and partially deaf in his right ear. He asked the translator to tell the boy to raise his hands when he would hear Randy clap his hands. After instructing the boy, his eyes were shut and the translator had covered the right ear. Randy prayed for the boy and commanded the ear to be opened and then started to clap. The boy didn’t respond at first, but Randy kept clapping and moving further away from the boy and he started to hear! He began to raise his hands. Randy kept moving further away till he was about 6-7 meters away and then instructed the boy to open his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes and saw Randy at a distance, he started crying. His father walked up to him and hugged him and they both began to cry. He could hear now! It was such an awe-filled sight. All the Glory be unto Jesus our Lord!

Time flew and the final day of phase 1 had arrived! It was the 1st of July. The atmosphere was different now. The Word says in Proverbs 28:1 that “the righteous are bold like a lion.” I could see boldness in the eyes of each team member now; there was excitement and a new level of expectation to see God do the impossible through our lives. And for those of you who are reading this, brace yourself because there is more to what God was doing. Phase 2 just got better…

Phase 2

Phase 1 did end with a lot of memories but stepping into Phase 2 was like receiving a bouquet of laughter, fun and rejuvenation. On the 2nd of July, we went out on a boat near the bordering regions of the Amazon. By this time, we were not just a team, it was more like a family getting together and celebrating life! It was indeed an eventful day, mixed with hues of laughter and a lot of fun. One would say that YPI is pretty intensive when it comes to the daily schedule, but I must say, that by no means does it discount the amount of fun we had every day. Unlike Phase 1, we were further divided into more groups and were sent for outreach in the streets of Belem. We got an opportunity to minister in different local churches in Belem. So, two days of outreach and two days of ministry in the evening at 8 different churches.

Ministering out in the streets of Belem was an altogether different experience. A lot of families warmly welcomed us to their homes and were prayed for. Our group saw 2 families rededicate their lives to Jesus. They once were part of a church but had stopped attending for a long time. We prayed for them and blessed them. It was so precious to see them in tears as we prophesied over them and released hope into their lives. Laila shared their team’s experience that “during our outreach time, we received a word for a large tree and pain in the face. When we saw a man sitting under a tree on a square, I went along with two Brazilians to ask him if he needed prayer. He had pain in his face. We commanded the pain to leave, and he was completely healed!” When asked about their personal experiences during phase 2, one team member said “in phase 2 my own faith and reliance on God was being put to the test. It built up my personal faith that the same God who was with the guest speakers during phase 1 is now with me and I am so grateful that Global Awakening gives us an opportunity  to take what we’ve learned and put it into practice”. Another team member said “during Preacher trainings I would stumble and stutter but during phase 2, while preaching in front of the crowd, I didn’t stumble nor stutter and that had to be God”, he added. We saw the blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened. Jenny said, “On the 4th of July, during the evening service a girl was carried into the church because she couldn’t walk. I felt led to pray for her because I felt like God really wanted to heal her. So I went up to talk to her and she said she had an infection in her foot and it had become so swollen and painful that she couldn’t ever put any pressure on it. I prayed for her three times and all the pain was completely gone. She could walk again, and her mom started crying because that was the first time in fifteen days her daughter had walked. It was such a precious moment to see the both of them crying in amazement of what the Lord had done”.

During these two weeks, we saw 2,717 physical healings when team members prayed, 3,772 sovereign physical healings, 454 emotional/inner healings, 49 salvations while the team members prayed, 144 salvations on invitation, 38 rededications, 1,876 blasted, 34 blind eyes opened, 26 deaf ears opened, 8 tumors disappeared, 9 lame walking and 18 metal miracles! All the Glory and honor be unto Jesus!

Youth Power Invasion is not just a ministry trip; it is an opportunity to be awakened, to walk out with a heart awakened to the reality of who we are as sons and daughters and from that place of knowing who we are, we step out to do what Jesus did when He walked on the face of the Earth, with an insatiable hunger to see ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’!

-Stanley, Student




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