YPI – Golf Ball Sized Tumor Shrinks

A woman had pain in her neck. So I began praying for it to leave. The pain left a little. Then I got a translator and found out the woman had a tumor. She had it for 2 months and it had hurt for two weeks. We prayed and nothing happened.

I got the word forgiveness, so I asked her if anyone had hurt her physically. She said she had family problems. She had forgiven them but it still hurt. I asked her if she would be willing to forgive them again to continue the healing of her heart. When she prayed to forgive them and we prayed again, the tumor got 50% smaller from its original size of a golf ball. Then I got the word witchcraft so I asked her if she had been involved in Makumba. She said she had stopped and does not do it anymore. So I asked if she would pray to cut any connections with it that could still remain. She agreed. We prayed again and the tumor shrunk another 40%. Gloria Deus! The tumor at the end of the service was the size of a peanut. Praise God! ~ Karisa
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