YPI – Kidney and Bladder Pain Healed

A woman, 87 years old, couldn’t hear well, had kidney pain, bladder pain, trouble speaking, couldn’t walk without help from her sister, had cancer in her upper right arm, a problem with her esophagus and swallowing. She also had Parkinson’s disease, and had a stroke previously causing the problems of walking and talking. I and a translator gathered more team members to pray. The pain left her kidneys, her bladder, and her head where she had previously fallen.

We prayed for her arm as she asked us to and it became first painful and then after praying again the pain was gone. As we prayed, she continually became more aware and began speaking. She at first could barely hear us speaking loudly right by her ear and by the end she was hearing another woman speak softly a foot or two from her. We prayed over her legs and had her stand. She stood and began moving her legs. Then she sat. She stood. She stood again after a bit and walked a few paces, then was tired and sat again. In the end, she walked all the way to the stage with a woman’s arm around her and her cane. She could not speak clearly at all in the beginning. I stopped trying to communicate with her initially for the speech and hearing problems. She soon asked for prayer to speak easily. Her speech improved possibly 40%, maybe 30%. It was so amazing! She had no pain, her legs were strong and she was hearing and speaking better. GLORIA DEUS! What a gift! She just said, “I came tonight for healing,” and wept as the healing continued to come. ~Karisa
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