Deaf Ears Opened

Today I got to pray for a deaf person for the first time ever! It was kind of hard to communicate because my translator was still learning. The deaf man was with a woman who told the translator he could not hear. She was signing to the deaf man.

It did not click in my mind that he was deaf and not just hearing impaired. I tried to sign and mouth the question, “Do you love Jesus?” He happily nodded his head. I started praying and inviting the Holy Spirit to come, thanking God for His Son. I prayed for healing and restoration of the man’s ears. I talked to him to see if he could hear and he used his hands to show me that he could hear a little bit in both ears! I prayed more and then he could hear a lot better in his left ear. I prayed at least two more times and then he signaled it was a lot better in both ears! I prayed one more time. He signaled that it was completely better while excitedly pointing to the speakers on the stage and then to his ears to show he could hear it well. He still couldn’t talk since he had been deaf and hadn’t learned to speak. It wasn’t until I got back to my seat that it clicked in my mind that he was deaf and not just hearing impaired. Hallelujah for Jesus healing restoring two deaf ears in a man!! – Jillian
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