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YPI – Two Women’s Destiny Revived

Our first night out praying for people was with Tom. Tom gave a very powerful message on destiny which confirmed what I have believed for myself and others for the past year.   At prayer time, one woman came up (56 years old).   She sort of made a bee line for me.  

I was watching surprised.   Speaking in broken English, she said she wanted me specifically to pray since I was older.   She was a missionary, tired, needing restoration and prayer for her destiny.   We prayed and she was smiling when she left.   Then another woman about my age sought me out because of my age as well.   She also wanted prayer for her destiny.   We prayed and talked, found out she had a doctorate in psychology but still felt that she was not where God wanted her to be.   As I prayed for her destiny I saw a rocket ship and shared that with her.   She said many times people had told her she had a direction.   I believe both women left feeling edified, loved and restored.   Praise God for divine encounters to release people into your will.   More God more! ~Jean
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