YPI – Woman’s Vision completely Restored

A young lady came up to me for prayer for her eyes, she was unable to see far. I had this slight idea of putting spit on her eyes, like Jesus did with the one blind man in the bible. But I ignored that idea because it’s just crazy putting spit on a stranger’s eyes. So I just prayed – nothing happened. 

So I asked her if it will be OK if I put spit on her eyes and she gave me permission. So I put a little bit of spit on her eyelids and prayed again. When I asked her to open her eyes and test it, she was unable to open them. They were stuck together. So I got excited and praised God for what He is doing and prayed for more. After a few times of trying to open her eyes and she couldn’t, I started to get slightly worried. What if she is never able to open her eyes again? I won’t know what to do. What if it takes days? I had this whole line of people to pray for and I can’t just leave her like this. So I prayed some more. Finally she opened her eyes and could see 100%. Wow. God healed this ladies eye! ~Christelle

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