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A global community of believers empowered to awaken the world.

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Are you searching for fresh empowerment from God?

Do you feel ill-equipped or unqualified for your calling?

Do you long to live a supernatural lifestyle?

Are you curious what God has next for you?

Do you struggle with skepticism about miracles?

Do you long to see a new great awakening?

photo of Global Awakening event attendee testimonial
The bar of my faith level has been significantly raised. Now, instead of, ‘Maybe me some day, after I get in better order…’, I am thinking out loud to God, ‘Why not me? Why not now?’ [This is] a huge shift in my spirit and outlook. Thank you.”

Our Hope For You

For all believers everywhere, Global Awakening presents an opportunity to receive power from God. We offer ourselves as evidence that God uses the unqualified when we’re willing to take a risk. We strengthen each other through community & theology, and we call out to all those who feel ill equipped, isolated, and hungry, saying: you belong. To the sick, we offer a community of faith that will believe for your healing. To the skeptic, we offer our stories and our lives as fruit of Jesus’ work. Come receive from God what you need; come learn how to take risks in your faith; come join us as we each fulfill God’s dream for us. We are a global community of believers empowered to awaken the world.
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I started Global Awakening on the belief that God uses the little ol’ me’s of the world to do amazing things. It’s not about being the most qualified, most gifted person; if you are willing to take a risk with God, He will use you to awaken others to all that Jesus is. My staff and I have created opportunities to help you in this journey, so let’s get started!

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Dr. Randy Clark

Randy travels the world demonstrating the Lord's sovereign power to heal. He also has gifting for teaching and education, and is the founder of Global Awakening. Randy has over thirty years of pastoral experience, and his message is clear and simple: "God wants to use you."
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