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Global Supernatural Discipleship

Living Supernaturally with the Holy Spirit

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means living a supernatural lifestyle in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Through Global Supernatural Discipleship’s online training, you will receive a solid foundation in the supernatural ways of the Kingdom of God.

With the chaos that is surrounding us today, there has never been a greater need in human history for disciples of Jesus Christ to walk in purity and the power of the Holy Spirit. Do you want to learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit to bring demonstrations of the Gospel into your everyday life through healing and prophetic solutions to life’s problems? Do you want to learn how to bring the Kingdom of God into your business and your family? Do you want your faith to be stretched in the areas of leadership, evangelism, and the prophetic? Start your journey into the more of God today and submit your application for GSD!


GSD consists of two, 5-month courses
Tuition is $999 per course
Register by May 30 to receive $50 Early Bird discount!

Part 1
Foundations of Discipleship

Foundations of Discipleship is the first part of GSD's curriculum and starts July 14, 2024.

Registration for Part 1 will open April 15th.

Part 2

Advanced Discipleship is the second part of GSD's curriculum and starts July 2024.

Registration for Part 2 will open April 15th.

Just Some of Our Guest Speakers

Global College of Ministry - Randy Clark
Dr. Randy Clark
President of Global Awakening
Leif Hetland with Global Mission Awareness
Leif Hetland
Global Mission Awareness
Heidi Baker
Heidi Baker
Iris Global
Bill Johnson at Empowered
Bill Johnson
Senior Leader, Bethel Church
Patricia King
Patricia King
Patricia King Ministries
Andrew Womack
Andrew Womack
Charis Bible College
Dan McCollam
Dan McCollam
Prophetic Company
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills
International Glory Ministries

Program Highlights

Supernatural Identity

Ready to Get Started?

Apply now and receive a solid foundation in the supernatural ways of the Kingdom of God
Registration for Part 1 is now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, GSD is an entirely online program, with no travel required.

Yes, the GSD program is only available in English. If English is not your first language, there will be subtitles to assist you.

There is required reading for the course, and you will be responsible for buying your books.

Tuition is $999 per course. Tuition may be paid all at once or in monthly payments. Pay all at once or in monthly installments. If you opt to pay up front, you will receive a 3% discount.

You will work at your own pace to watch weekly video teachings and you will have homework including Bible reading, quizzes, and required book reading. You will also have online small groups and monthly online Q&A with Global Awakening staff. We recommend you have the ability to commit 6 hours a week in order to participate in GSD.

Yes, if a married couple applies for the same term, the second spouse will receive 75% off their registration.

Which option is best for you?

GSSM GSD CoM - College of Ministry
Non-Accredited Educational Options GSSM is a practical ministry training school for those who want to deepen their relationship with the Holy Spirit and be equipped to serve the Lord more fully, including a path into ministry. GSD is a discipleship program for personal spiritual growth and development to ignite your passion and spiritual gifts. CoM offers individual courses as well as certification tracks to equip you in a range of specialized topics. You will go deep in specific topics of your choice and be trained to equip others in ministry.
Location On-Site or Online Online Online
Course Length 9 months or 3-week Summer Intensive 5 months of content offered 2 x per year Courses offered 5 X per year 8 weeks per course
Time Commitment On-Site/online: 20-22 hours/ week 5-6 hours/ week 8-12 hours/ week
Tuition On-Site: $4200
Online: $3000
Summer Intensive: $1000
$999 per 5-month course Most courses are $350 per 8-week course.
Learning Experience - Class Tuesday-Friday (also VOD for Online)
- Personal ministry from speakers
- Small Group
- Outreach
- Ministry Trips
- Video Teachings
- Small Group
- Monthly Q&A Sessions with Global Staff
- Ministry Team Opportunities
- Weekly video teachings and readings
- Ministry assignments/outreaches
- Dedicated facilitator to guide students through the course. Personalized written feedback on assignments
Topics Hands-on Ministry Training in:
- Healing & Words of Knowledge
- Prophecy & Prophetic Ministry
- Evangelism & Missions
- Worship & Intercession
- Deliverance & Inner Healing and more
Foundational Teaching in:
- Identity & Kingdom Mindsets
- Walking in Spiritual & Emotional Freedom
- Operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit & Healing the Sick
- Hearing the Voice of God
- Bringing the Kingdom of God into family, marketplace & the arts
Courses include:
- Equipping on how to pray for physical healing, emotional healing, and deliverance.
- Walking in spiritual and emotional freedom
- Prophetic Courses, including how to hear the voice of God
- Leadership courses
- Renewal Theology and Bible courses
- Many more!
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