Kingdom Foundations


Kingdom Foundations

Atlanta, GA | November 8-11, 2023

The Kingdom of God is at hand, and you are empowered to advance it! Kingdom Foundations is a conference for modern-day revivalists who want to become part of the unfolding story of the Kingdom’s advance.

Kingdom Foundations

From the First Great Awakening to Azusa Street to a city near you, the story of Heaven coming to earth is still being written. Kingdom Foundations is designed to help you find your place in that story. To help you find your tribe. To firm up your foundation with theology, practical tools, a fresh filling, and an activation in Spiritual gifts.

Come discover what God is doing all around the world, and be encouraged as you dig deeper into the power of God for yourself and those you’re called to reach.

Speakers & Worship

Randy Clark

Dr. Randy Clark

Blake Healy

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What to Expect
  • Learn proven tools for healing the sick.
  • Be activated in the gift of Words of Knowledge.
  • Gain confidence to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Learn directly from some of the world’s leading revivalists.
    Experience anointed, Spirit-led worship alongside a group of like-minded believers.
  • Receive healing ministry for yourself and minister it to others at the event.

The call has gone forth to all God’s people: heal the sick, minister to the hurting, raise the dead, advance the Kingdom. In His power, we can do this! We are the people of God, vessels of His presence, echoing the prayer of Jesus: “Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Bill Johnson with Bethel Church speaking at Kingdom Foundations

Are You Ready?

Right now, God is writing a masterpiece. 

His Kingdom is advancing all around the world. 

The sick are being healed, the dead are being raised, the blind are seeing. 

It’s time to step into His great story. Let’s jump in together.

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