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2 Types of Healing for Glory

Glory came forward for prayer with severe pain in her left shoulder. The pain traveled her entire arm to her hand. The level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 10. Interestingly, God brought me, someone who was experiencing exactly the same pain. I was healed of this at Voice of the Apostles in October 2017. And so, I began praying for her, over and over “pain go” and “thank you Jesus”. After a short while I asked her if she was feeling anything. No, the pain was still at a level 10. I then asked her if there were any known curses on her, and/or unforgiveness. To both she said yes. I prayed the curse off her first and then I asked her to forgive those who had hurt her. I prayed again and asked her after a short while again, if the pain had left. Her eyes were wet with tears. The pain was completely gone! Glory received both emotional and physical healing. -Bill, Self-employed

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