A New Normal: Ten Healed in Four Days

12th December: Francisca, lady 75+, had pain in both knees due to osteoporosis. Her pain level was 10 and after one prayer, pain went down to zero. She was unable to kneel down before healing. After full healing, she went on the stage to give her testimony and demonstrated she was able to kneel.

13th December: Gabriela, lady 40+, had herniated disc, and as a result had back pain for 10 years and pain level was 10. After one prayer pain went to zero. Testimony was given to Randy Clark and video recorded. Raissa, lady 40+, had pain in her lumbar back, and she wasn’t able to stand for long periods of time. After one prayer pain was down to zero. She felt burning sensation during the prayer. Regina, lady 48+, she had terrible pain in her back, and after prayer, pain went to zero. Jacques, boy 19, he had pain in his neck and wasn’t able to move his head to the left nor right without experiencing pain. After 2 prayers, pain went down to zero, and he was able to turn his head from left to right without any pain.

14th December: Arides had depression, having fear that she would also kill herself as her mother had done. After prayers, she felt depression lift, and she was feeling more secure and felt joy.

15th December: A lady who is 84 had pain in her right knee for many years, and after prayer, her pain went from 10 to zero. Alessia who is 21 had pain in her right knee and wasn’t able to bend her right knee without pain. Pain gone after one prayer. Another lady had pain on the right side of her neck, and after prayer pain was gone. A man whose sinus was blocked had difficulty breathing. After prayer, the nasal passage opened up, and he was able to breathe normally.

Hua Yong aka Lily, Missionary

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