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Arthritis in Left Shoulder Totally Healed

Maulo, a quiet 30-year-old man with arthritis in his left shoulder came for prayer. I laid hands on his shoulder, prayed for healing and for the Holy Spirit to touch him. Maulo felt peace. I saw this picture for him. Jesus was on the cross over Mother Mary and Saint John and I heard Jesus say, “Maulo, I hand over and dedicate to you care of my mother. Like I could commit to John the most precious of mine, I can dedicate to you the most precious of mine. You are my brother, my beloved, in whom I´m well pleased”. Maulo cried a lot from then on. We checked out several times the pain in the shoulder, which decreased each time and eventually was totally gone. I then prayed for impartation to bring revival – to heal the blind, the deaf, the lame, raise the dead and extend salvation. Maulo was very touched and grateful in his own quiet way.

– Helene 

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