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Birth Defect Healed: Leg & Foot Grow Out!

Awesome night! A mom came up with a boy about three or four years old named, Gabriel that was born with a birth defect. His leg was inches shorter than the other, and the foot was shorter in length by three inches.

(It hadn’t grown equally and had one less toe, only four toes.) He wore a lift in his shoe and walked with a limp. We prayed. The leg started growing out and the foot was getting bigger. The mom started freaking out and screaming. We asked her to stop screaming because it scared him. She stopped then as we continued to pray and the leg and foot grew equal to the other leg, and the ankle straightened out too. We put the child down. He walked without a limp, the legs were equal in length and the hips were aligned. Then, we went to the videographer. As we were walking, his foot started growing out more so by the time he got to the stage the deformed foot had grown out almost equal to the size of the normal foot. We asked for the toe to grow out, but we didn’t see that miracle yet. The mom and her boy were praising Jesus for the miracle. The interpreter Maria from Igrega Citadade Church was rejoicing also. Someone told the mother that last year when Global was here, her leg grew out. Because of the power of the testimony she came believing for this miracle for her son, Gabriel. God answered her prayers. To God be the glory! – Daniel and Theresa
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