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My Heart for This Season

photo of Randy Clark
So many people right now are hungry for God. I think we all feel the need to get more of what God has for us so that we can really shine in the...

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The Provision of the Lamb

photo of a person preaching
“Be aware of the Lamb’s nature within you.” Jesus will guide you through the valley to the mountain top to the valley once again. He will lead you...

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Embedded In His Love

Do you see yourself as embedded in God’s love? Meditating on his love re-seats you internally into the reality of who you are in Christ. That,...

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Put On The Full Armor of God

Heidi Baker puts the Word of God to her chest and teaches us to put on the full armor of God.
It is said that “familiarity breeds comtempt” and in our fast-paced world, we often fall into a form of lust where we crave only the new. The novel....

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Greater Encounters Every Day

  • Katherine Ruonala
  • Video
photo of Katherine Ruonala preaching on encountering God
When we are full of “our stuff”, it can be hard to listen for the Holy Spirit. No one would fault us for having responsibilities with our work, with...

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