Blurry Vision & Multiple Other Ailments Healed!

My first trip with Global Awakening has rocked me hard. My testimonies the first two days didn’t seem to be as dramatic as everyone else’s. I was feeling a little left out, a little like I didn’t have the anointing or the authority. I kept pressing in to see more of God show up through me.

Today Steve showed a video with three testimonials. Supernaturally, an additional video from a different file (which was not downloaded onto the computer from the flash drive) played in its entirety before the intended three played in their entirety.  What? After that, Steve called everyone who had any of the pain symptoms described in those testimonials to stand up. He prayed over the crowd, and we started to minister. During that time, I was invited by an usher to the back of the soccer stadium where we were. A grandma was sitting in the second to last row. My translator said that she had a myriad of problems and wanted to be prayed over. Her left eye had been blind from birth. The sight in her right eye was like seeing through a very blurry haze and gray tones. So, we started to pray for her right eye. I had heard of eyes opening but never been in a situation where I had to pray for one by myself. 

Earlier that morning, Steve had given a testimony about praying for a blind eye. In Steve’s testimony, he said to the eye, “Eye, see, see!” so that’s what I prayed. I held my hand over her eyebrows. She had her eyes closed, and I said, “Come Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name, I command you to see! See! See!” Then we asked her to check to see how much she could see. Nothing! So, we prayed again with my hand over her eyebrow, her eyes closed. “In Jesus name, eye, I command you to see, see, see!”   She said the haziness started to fade a little bit. This time when we prayed, I asked her to keep her eyes open, and I looked directly at her right eye, praying, “In Jesus Name, eye, In Jesus Name, I command you to see! See! See!” She said there was some more clarity and this time she could see in color. Again, I looked in her eye, and repeated the command to see in Jesus Name! This time she said she could see my face clearly and that she could see that there were letters on the screen at the front of the stage. WOW! We prayed three more times for this eye, but there were no more increased changes. Even so, at least 80% of her eye was healed! Yay God! Yay! 

Then we prayed for her left eye the same way, the same process. We saw nothing happen because she deeply believed in her heart that since she was born blind she wouldn’t be healed. I started to pray for the eye again. She interrupted me and said she wanted me to pray for other things. I prayed for her heart, because she was experiencing chest pain. 100% healed! I prayed for her lungs, because she needed to use an oxygen tank in order to breathe. 100% healed! I prayed for her cough from the flu. 100% healed! I prayed for complete restoration to her respiratory system. 100% healed! I asked her to do what she couldn’t do before. She thought about it and said she couldn’t speak before. Now she could speak loudly. Praise Jesus! I was left in awe of what our Mighty Healer, Jesus Christ can do and that He would choose to use me. I felt overwhelmed, humbled and so grateful. Wow!

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