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Brazil – Pain from 12 Screws Released

We went back to Logos Church tonight.  Randy Clark was the speaker.  He focused the message on healing for our bodies and words of knowledge.  As a part of his message he spoke about the miracle of God healing people who had surgically implanted materials in their bodies and were living with constant pain and mobility issues as a result. When the team was released to pray for people the 3rd person I was approached by for prayer actually did not approach me because she was seated in a chair nearby.  

 I was able to determine that 6 years prior she had surgery on her right ankle and had 12 screws implanted in her ankle.  Since that surgery she had lived with constant pain when she walked.  She lived with the inability to move her ankle normally either in a rotating motion nor in an up and down rotation of the foot.  She had large scars on either side of her ankle.  I knelt down and prayed a simple prayer that lasted about 20 seconds and then asked her to check her foot.  She had somewhat less pain and somewhat more mobility.  I prayed again in the same way and had her check again.  She indicated that both the pain and mobility had improved but were not completely healed. 

So, I prayed a third time in the same way and this time she let me know that all the pain was gone and the mobility was greatly increased.  In the process of celebrating, I found out that she could not put weight on the ball of her foot because of the intensity of the pain but here she was demonstrating the ability to do just that.  Praise God for His mercy and grace to her and to me!! ~Chip

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