Brazil – Knee Healed after Motorcycle Accident

A young man with two crutches was in a motorcycle accident inflicting severe damage to right knee. He already had one surgery, but was scheduled to have a 2nd surgery. His knee had pain, was wrapped and only had approximately 30-40% flexibility.

First night (20th) – night of impartation: Man did not readily fall to floor, but finally did after 2-3 different team members prayed for him well into the impartation time. I and numerous team members spent some time praying for his knee with no tangible results except maybe some reduced pain.

Second day – man came to conference in AM with only one crutch. During that night’s ministry session, numerous ones from team again prayed for his knee throughout night. 15 minutes before leaving for Hotel, I joined an English speaking Brazilian ( I think Boaz)to continue prayer. During the session, his bones were commanded to move into correct position and new bones form where they were needed. Boaz excitedly exclaimed that he heard the bones moving during the prayer. Pain was 90% +/- better in this session.

Third day – man came to morning session without wrapping and no crutches. During evening ministry time, he came to me for more prayer wanting 100% flexibility and healing. After 3-4 prayer & command sessions, he jumped around on the leg and bent the knee in numerous positions to verify and claim 100% healing. ~Dave

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